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Welcome to HAH Crane Service

HAH Crane Service is one of the leading crane hiring and service providing company in Goa. Our products ranges consists of small to large sized Heavy Duty Hydraulic cranes & Crawler cranes and equipment like Boom Crane and Man Lift with 130 feet reach

We also do buying and selling of lifting equipments and provide services such as, Crane Rental, Loading , Unloading and Shifting of heavy goods, Manual Shifting Work, Vehicle Towing. Our mobile cranes and Boom trucks are maintained to the highest standard which avoids risk to its minimum and assures that the job is done efficiently with saving customers time and money which makes us best Crane Service in Goa.

Services Offered


Roadside Assistant

Roadside assistance is a vehicular support service offered by HAH Roadside Assisntant to individuals who experience a vehicular breakdown. The service typically provides benefits such as getting the vehicle fixed on the spot, refueling it, towing the vehicle to the nearest garage or a specific location, extending medical assistance and much more.

Loading Unloading & Shifiting heavy goods

Goa is a tiny state but the amount of infrastructural project undertaken in the state every year is very large in number compared to other states. Increase in infrastructure projects demands for machineries and equipment. These machineries are normally supplied from other parts of the country.

Crane Rentals
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Crane Rentals

We are one of the eminent Crane Rental Services in Goa having its customer base widely spread all across the state and parts of Maharashtra and Karnataka. We are prudent in offering high-tech support to satisfy our customers’ requirements with our core values of quality, punctuality, efficiency and proficiency.

HAH Cranes is the quality Crane rental Service providers in Goa. We operate by keeping the track of the latest market trends and by using the latest techniques for providing maximum efficiency for our clients. Our highly expert technicians help us in delivering reliable Crane rental services in Goa. We are considered as one among the best Crane rental services. We are well known for providing customized Crane rental service in Goa and we are being the first choice for leading commercial and residential projects in Goa. We guarantee for good and reliable Crane rental service. We are also proficient in delivering services within given time frame for maximizing customers satisfaction. We are also specialized as Hydra crane rental service. Our customers find us trustworthy with immense professional background. We are one among the prominent Hydra Crane rental services provider in Goa.

HAH Cranes also offers Boom lift or Manlift in Goa. It is one among the few who offer Manlift rental services in Goa. Since Goa is leading in infrastructure there is an increasing demand for Manlift in Goa which we are trying to cater efficiently. Boom lift crane or Manlift Crane consist of large cage or bucket, or basket at the end of an extensible boom. It is used to reach inaccessible places by the worker. Manlift Machines does not have same lifting strength as a crane. Manlift machines are only suitable for lifting workers to higher altitude. We Provide small, medium to High range of Manlift in Goa. Safety of the worker is the core thus we provide one among the best Manlift Rental services. Our Manlift machines are specialized and certified by the authorities. We provide the most affordable and cheapest Manlift rental in Goa. We are the pioneer in the industry and look forward to be the same.

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